Here are some websites/blogs that have inspired us to build our tiny house. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

1. (how we first learned about tiny houses)

2. (good plans, and helpful advice)

3. (very detailed blog of the building process)

4. (the inspiration for our house)

5. (another tiny house blog)

6. (lots of little tiny houses)

7. (another blog, a movie is also coming out soon about the process)

8. (another blog)

9. (interesting articles)

10. (another blog)

11. (cool house)

I’m sure there are more, but hopefully those will get you started. Happy reading!


3 responses to “Inspirations

  1. Awesome build congrats on all your successes. I do have a few question however, is you plumbing running under the house, through the 2×6 floor joist or in the walls? Have you encountered any water issues In the cold climate of Alberta. We about to start a build here in Moncton, NB. and we are currently in the design and minimize stage of our plan. Any wisdom you could provide would be deeply appreciated.

    Thank, Jody and Betty

    • Hi! Our plumbing is running through the floors. We did have issues with freezing in the Alberta winters with our grey water tank and outside pipes. A couple of solutions were to get a heat pad for the grey water tank and place it in an insulated box, and then get heat tape for the pipes. We didn’t really get to try that out however, as we just made do with a neighbors shower and a couple of water jugs. 🙂 But we looked around quite a bit for solutions and were in the process of implementing those strategies when we moved to the much milder climate of Vancouver Island… so a good insulated set-up would help prevent freezing issues in those cold winters!

  2. You guys did a great job so far. I am trying to start my own tiny house build south of calgary and I’m wondering where to start looking about permits and whats allowed and the laws in regard to tiny houses on trailers. What are things that can’t be done? any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, Shayne

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