Our New Home

The tiny house is now happily parked on a farm outside of town, surrounded by straw bales from a nearby farm. It looks so wonderful! Kyle’s parents came out from BC to help us with the move with their truck, encouragement and huge help- we couldn’t have done it without them! It was wonderful to have family around to worry with, problem solve with and celebrate with. Thanks so much Jerome and Lori! We started the moving day pretty early. The evening before JeromeĀ  shoveled the snow out of our entire yard (and neighbors!) to make sure the truck wouldn’t get stuck, so in the morning the truck was backed right into the back yard with no problems and we worked on taking the house off the jacks, cutting notches in a couple of 2×4’s to hold the low-hanging electrical wire up so the house could pass underneath, getting lots of pictures, disconnecting propane and electricity, moving our mattress into the house, and other odds and ends. Once the house was hitched up to the truck, and Jerome and I were in place holding the electrical wire up, Kyle smoothly moved the house, made the corner and pulled out on the street. It was so exciting! Once it was out on the street, it looked “real” for the first time- it was on its wheels, parked on the street, looking proud. And it looked pretty small! The hardest part was actually getting the cement/clay/sand patio type blocks which support the jacks out of the ground- the ground was frozen solid and the blocks were frozen in it. So that took a good 20-30 minutes of physical labor to free them from the earth!

Once everything was ready to, we took off to the farm. Kyle took it nice and slow, and the tiny house cheerfully rolled along. Since it was a Sunday, the town was super quiet, so there wasn’t much for traffic. It was so neat to see the house on the road (it worked!). The drive was thankfully uneventful, and we pulled up the farm in a short time and parked the house in its new home. The jacks went under, it got leveled and the propane got hooked up again. We did have an issue hooking up electrically- the exterior outlet Kyle installed a couple of weeks ago on the outside of the garage kept tripping the built in breaker in the outlet, so right now we’re just plugging it in inside the garage and Kyle will figure the electrical issue out this week.

After moving the house successfully, we did another trip for large items that would be difficult to transport in our Pontiac Sunfire- leftover wood, bikes, interior paneling, etc. After that, we went to pick up our 24 bales of straw! It was fun, but tiring, to get all of the straw we needed. We’ve been looking around for the best option to insulate under the trailer (it gets COLD here) and since we’re in the middle of the prairies, straw bales is the easiest and cheapest way to go. The one thing we’re concerned about with straw bales is mice, but, since we have 2 cats inside, and there’s lots of barn cats on the farm, we’re thinking it will all work out. (otherwise, we’ll just get rid of the straw I guess!)

All in all, it was an exciting day, and a new part of this whole adventure. Our backyard looks quite empty now and we’re excited to officially move in on Wednesday. We’re very thankful the move went so smooth, and encouraged. Kyle said he didn’t really notice the weight of the house behind the truck, so hopefully that means the house isn’t outrageously heavy. What a relief!

Over the next few days, we’ll be finishing up some odds and ends in the tiny house, packing up this house completely and cleaning. And then life in the tiny house begins!