Our journey begins!

In January we stumbled upon the world of tiny houses and were immediately intrigued by the concept. We have always wanted to build our own straw bale house, but aren’t at a place in life where we want to settle down and buy land. Then we found out that you can build a house on a flatbed trailer! We were sold. It didn’t hurt that it could help us simplify our lives and live a little bit more intentionally.

Over the last few months, we’ve been researching, fretting, and going back and forth in deciding whether or not we would actually do this. Well, on Wednesday we went up and bought a trailer. I guess that means we’re doing it. (It’s a 20′ construction trailer with a capacity to hold 14,000 lbs.)

Today was our first build day. We were surprised at how far we got. First was the tedious job of leveling the thing. After a couple of failed attempts, we finally managed to get it level. We’ll probably have to re-level it over the course of the build. Out came the aluminum flashing and the staple gun and our trailer was ready for a subfloor. The trailer was super super bright and shiny, I think we got sunburned from it…

Then we busted out the miter saw (thanks Dennis for letting us use it!) and made our first cuts for the subfloor. We were really careful to measure at lease twice, I think one board got measured four times… I wonder how long that will last. We are building with 2×6’s instead of 2×4’s that most tiny houses seem to use. Since we’re in the land of extreme winters (a.k.a. Alberta), we thought any extra insulation we can fit would be better!

So today the subfloor joists are all finished and in place. We bought an impact wrench yesterday and I’m so happy we did! It made fast work of getting the boards together. Good investment I’d say. Tomorrow we will bolt the subfloor down onto the trailer and probably add some joist hangers just to be sure it’s strong. We’re still waiting on our sheep’s wool insulation to arrive (really excited about it), but when it does we will stuff it into the floor then put our plywood on top. Then we can get started on the walls.

It has started!

– Kyle