Busy Snowy Days

Our tiny house moves to its new home come this Sunday. SUNDAY! And while the photos might show a  chaotic construction zone still, we’re feeling pretty good about our moving date. Our interns spent an evening with us last week helping insulate the walls with sheep’s wool- they loved it so much they wanted to come back to do more! The loft has its coat of tung oil, two of the living room walls and the kitchen walls are up, the bathroom walls that separate it from the rest of the house are done, the closet structure is ready, the kitchen counter frame is set up to receive the counter tops (which are cut already for the sink and stove top), the water and propane lines are in and functioning, our Mini-Franklin stove from Woodstock Stoves is installed and heating the place and our composting toilet is ready. Wow!

One issue we’ve run into is that we ran out of wool insulation- so we’re waiting to receive wool batts from a local business (Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, AB), however it won’t be until the first week in November. Thankfully they are in the area and we can get the wool from them pretty fast! So it looks like our house won’t be fully insulated until then, but we’ll be ready for it when it arrives.

All in all, we accomplished quite a bit over the weekend. There’s still much more we’d like to get done before we actually move in come the 31st, so we’ll continue working hard over this next week. Crossing my fingers to get our flooring installed!