Flooring, check!

We have a floor! A real floor, not just the plywood sub-floor. It feels more and more like a real house. It’s very exciting. On Wednesday we picked up a nail gun and compressor from Home Depot and resolved to finish the floor on Thursday so we could return it today. And we triumphed! It took us pretty much all day (those end pieces didn’t cooperate well) but it went well, and we were very thankful for the nail gun and compressor which made it much simpler. (if that’s actually what you call it)

I mentioned it in an earlier post, but we got our hardwood flooring off of Kijiji from someone in Calgary- it’s hickory wood, “Amish-hand scraped”, and it’s a beautiful dark brown with lots of knots and character. It’s also extremely heavy. Hopefully just not too heavy! Additionally, under the hardwood, we put an under-layer of cork flooring which we hope provides a bit more insulation and reduces any hardwood squeaks.

We also decided to install the hardwood in the bathroom. Since it’s such a small house, and there will only be a curtain for a door, even the flooring the kitchen/living room area would be exposed to moisture and humidity from the bathroom, so we’ll just be careful with water on the floor in the bathroom (and get a good bathmat) and make sure the tub doesn’t leak. Under the bathroom floor we also put a piece of house wrap… just in case any water ever does get down there, there’s a bit of a barrier before it gets down into the sub-floor. We’ll see how this works out in the long run! Of course, we’ll also rely on our bathroom wall fan to direct much of the moisture outside of the tiny house space.

The photos aren’t too great, but hopefully they give a glimpse of what it looks like, and I’ll try to get more up soon!