Autumn Days

At the beginning of this month, we gave our month’s notice to our managing landlord, which means we’re MOVING into our tiny house at the end of this month! It’s exciting, but since then we’ve begun to realize just how much we still have to do- eek! So it’s been a flurry of activity. We realized we put off for too long the ordering of specialty items we hoped to still find here (3″ thick door knob, for example), so we’re also ordering those last items to complete our new home. The interior details have begun- which light fixtures, what kind of flooring and where to get it, how to find and make a shower tub bottom… and not to mention the essential items of electrical wiring, plumbing, gas lines, sheep’s wool insulation, and interior paneling.

To back up a little, the exterior of the house is {mostly} finished! Minus siding a couple tiny parts, making doors for the storage area, and – finally- getting that darn roof cap on, it’s done! And it looks great. For the door, we decided to tackle that project ourselves- so we ended up with a very, very purple 3 ” thick wood door. It just adds some pizzazz, right? The biggest issue with this, as I mentioned, has been finding a suitable door knob/handle. Apparently very few places stock 3″ thick door handles- and none that we could find (although we did get some amazed looks and lots of questions when we asked around!). So we ended up ordering a knob and deadbolt online, and we’ll be happy to see our door close and lock.

It’s been a good change to begin work on the interior. The bathroom walls are up (although not paneled), the only walls in the house. It begins to give structure to the space. The loft floor is fully installed. Kyle’s done an amazing job with the electrical work, and it’s fully completed. Now we just need the right electrical cord to make sure we have power! The plumbing and gas lines will happen this weekend, after spending hours in Home Depot on Friday to get all of the copper lines and sharkbites connectors and whatever else we got… I’ve been busy tung oiling the interior paneling, and stuffing the loft full of sheep’s wool for insulation. After stuffing the loft ceiling, I looked like a sheep myself! Just tonight we finished up the loft with insulation and paneling, and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to put our mattress in the house and sleep up there! It’s so cozy, and I’m sure it’s going to be my favorite spot in the house (along with a good book, a cup of coffee and snugly kitties). We also picked up our flooring just last night- we found some beautiful hardwood on Kijiji in Calgary, so we decided to get it while we had the chance. It’s incredibly heavy hardwood, so we’ll see what that’s like when we go to move… Since there’s a lot happening the weeks to come, I’ll try to update more regularly. At any rate, you all will hear how things go eventually!

– Jesse