About Kyle and Jesse

We are a young couple learning how to live life simply. One way we have pursued this goal was by building and now living in a ‘tiny house’. It’s quite an experience, but we are loving our adventure! We hope you enjoy our blog, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts via our blog or at kyleandjessicajang@gmail.com.



22 responses to “About Kyle and Jesse

  1. I saw your house-building story on the CBC last night…very cool! How did you figure out the plans for your house, how to put it all together, and what tools to use (for others that might want to give it a go)?

    • Thanks AJ! We actually bought plans from tinyhomebuilders.com, and they were super helpful- they provide a lot of information about how to build and which tools to use etc. We also did A LOT of research via google, youtube etc. Other tiny home builder’s blogs are also very helpful!

  2. Hi! We are planning on building a tiny house in Kamloops BC. Your tiny house is amazing! And you completed it so fast! How often were you able to work on it?

    We are interested in some things about your tiny house particularly because you are in Canada too! Where did you order your wool insulation from and are you happy you chose wool? It seems as of December you were finding your tiny house pretty cozy. How has it been for the rest of the winter? Did you run into any issues with condensation? Kamloops does not get as cold as Alberta, but we are debating whether or not to frame with 2×4’s or 2×6’s for insulation purposes. Do you know how much your house weighs? We are also debating what the GVW of our trailer should be. The 7000lbs ones are cheaper, but we wonder if we’d be pushing the limit of the GVW framing with 2×6’s on a 7000lb-er.

    • @Bender,

      That’s awesome you’re planning on building a tiny house in Kamloops! Prepare for an adventure! We spent most of last summer working on our tiny house (all day, every day) which was super helpful. We’re still working on tiny details to this day though.

      We got our wool insulation from 2 companies, one in Oregon (the Oregon Shepherd) and another here in Alberta (Custom Woolen Mills). The wool was easy to work with, fluffy and it’s definitely been keeping us warm throughout this winter, so yes; we’ve been happy with it! Condesation has been a bit trickier- we’ve had a few drips from the ceiling when the days warm up, but other than that it seems to be doing ok (though we would recommend a vapour barrier. Lucky for us the sheep’s wool handles moisture really well).We did use 2×6’s for framing, although we’ve heard 2×4’s would probably be sufficient, but we didn’t want to use excessive amounts of heat to keep the place warm. I would imagine 2×4’s would have be fine. Our trailer is a 14,000lb-er because we wanted to be on the safe side (we actually haven’t weighed our house yet, but we’re guessing it’s under the 10,000lb range).

      This is a bit of a longer response, but if you have more questions, just us an email at kyleandjessicajang@gmail.com. We’re also going to be in the Okanagan this summer with our tiny house, so you’d be welcome to come check it out!

  3. I have a question for you if I may. Are you able to get on to the Ferry to Victoria? What is the height of your trailer and the total height of the home? I am thinking on building a small home but worry about how tall it will be. I am also wishing to move to Vancouver island but I do hope to buy a spot of land to put my small home on. Also one more question what was the total materials cost to build your home? If you would like to email me the answer fell free. Thank you so much for your time and you have done an amazing job on your home it is beautiful. I think I would also use the 2×6 for framing. chris.fsj@hotmail.com

  4. Woohoo, an Albertan tiny house! I am hoping to get started on my build this summer, so I am just finishing up my research and planning. If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email with your cost information I’d appreciate it as well. Did you custom order your trailer from SWS or did you by it from regular inventory? Most of the ones i’ve seen have the ramps included, which aren’t really necessary.
    Thanks! Joanne
    joanne dot pinches at gmail dot com

    • Hi Joanne! We did buy our trailer from SWS out of the regular inventory, and it did include the ramps (which, you’re right, aren’t necessary!). We didn’t even ask about custom trailers, so I don’t know anything about that. When we travel, we just remove the ramps from their storage area under the trailer and place them in the truck to lessen the trailer weight a tad. We found SWS to be the best and the cheapest place to get our trailer in Alberta and we’ve been really pleased with the trailer- it’s traveled pretty well by now!

  5. Hello Kyle and Jesse happy to have found this blog, my husband and I live in Red Deer AB so not to far from you. We are building our prototype small house this summer using re purposed materials that would have ended up in the landfill. We will be starting a fb picture progress soon as we will be moving into our motor home out on the property we are building on this weekend. Very exciting stage in our life my husband and I are in our late fifties and sixties and plan on living off grid for some time. I will take a couple of years before we are completely off grid using only our home made energy, that is our goal Would love to hear from you and learn more about your adventure in Three Hills. Just email me thanks and hope you are having as much fun as we expect to have

  6. Hi Debi, very exciting about your build! I hope it’s a great process for you and your husband. We are actually living out on Vancouver Island now- our tiny house really does travel. 🙂 We had a great experience living in Three Hills- from building our place in a backyard to living in the middle of the prairies. Let us know if you have more questions! Have an awesome build!

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  8. Here’s a “hello” all the way from Nashville, Tennessee! I was curious- where did you manage to track down your bathtub/shower and what are it’s dimensions? While most tiny houser’s settle for a shower, I refuse to give up a good soak so I’m on the hunt for a small tub before my build! 🙂 Cheers!

    • Our barrel came from a winery in Central BC – not quite sure of the dimensions, but maybe 3 ft? We’ve never used it for a bath, but it’s possible. Check out the Japanese soaking tubs! A bit expensive, but they seem awesome!

  9. Hi,

    We feel your story very interesting and would be interested to.meet you and know more about living in a tiny house and building one.

    Where are you currently living ? We are established in Vancouver for now.

    Be well,
    Aurélie and Jeho

  10. Hi Kyle and Jessica,

    We just found your blog and would love to get in touch with you. We are looking at building a tiny house in Sundre, AB and are concerned about insulating it properly for our winters. I’m just wondering how you guys did with the winter? DId you end up spending a winter in Alberta? I was also wondering if you were able to pass on any information on what your total costs were just we could have an idea.

    Thanks so much for the information on your blog. It has been very helpful.

    Ilona and Dave

  11. Hi Jessica and Kyle,

    Your story is very inspiring. It’s lovely to see a tiny house in Canada, I always assumed that tiny house living was more practical for warmer climates without snow so it’s inspiring to see it is doable in the harsh Canadian winters. I was curious what the total cost was to build your tiny house. I have seen prices of tiny houses that you pay someone to build for you, but am curious how much it cost you to make your home by doing the building yourself.

    As well do you use solar power or a generator or only use land that has hooks up for electricity to supply your power? You can either e-mail me at robynraelene@hotmail.com or reply on the blog. I really would appreciate some feedback from you both?

    Robyn A.

  12. Hi, thank you for posting your journey. I find it fascinating and encouraging. I can across your blog in my research and am hoping to build a home soon. I love the idea of living smaller. I am wondering about parking restrictions. I am looking to move to the Okanagan but am finding that they will not allow them on properties, even though they are not permanent structures but rather mobile ones. How did you dodge this in BC?

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