Spring Time!

Happy Spring from Vancouver Island and our tiny house!

We haven’t updated in quite some time, but we haven’t forgotten our blog. What might you be interested in reading about?



20 responses to “Spring Time!

  1. Hi Kyle and Jesse! I am a friend of Devin Landis and live in Victoria. Looks like quite an awesome journey for you two thus far! My wife and I are intent on starting our tiny house ASAP and would love to meet with you. My e-mail is clarkthompson0@gmail.com

  2. I’m currently trying to find a way to address greywater as the Maine state code forbids treating/releasing it on the land and I won’t have access to septic. Their recommendation was a ‘honey wagon’ but I don’t want to deal with getting that emptied numerous times a week. I plan to use a composting toilet but they apparently consider shower/sink water as wastewater, unfortunately. Any advice? How do you guys treat your wastewater?

    • Hi there! In the past we’ve just released it into the ground, and right now we’re planning on building a simple grey water system that goes into a flower bed/rain garden. We also make sure to use biodegradable soap for dishes/shower etc. Depending how much water you plan on using, it might not be too much of a hassle to get it emptied if that’s what you have to do- when you’re in a smaller space you also tend to use less water because you’re more aware of your usage amounts. Hope that helps a bit!

  3. Hi Kyle and Jesse,
    Its Murray Shadlock. Hope you are both well. I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind? First of all do you have any holding system for your grey water? what size is your holding tank for potable water? Why did you use the aluminum on the deck before you started? I think we are going to use the same trailer as you did they seem to be the most reasonably priced. Do you remember the height of the deck from the ground to the top of the deck? We are thinking of a shed style. There was a site listed on your blog a couple of weeks ago with a nice shed style do you remember what the name of the guy was or his site? Hope you don’t mind all of these questions we are starting to get serious about this .
    Thanks Murray

  4. What a lovely house! I live in Edmonton and am a tiny house enthusiast. One major question for me is where I could park my tiny house. I have a secure job in Edmonton but I’m not sure I would be able to have a tiny house within the city and the thought of a long commute to work in the winter is a concern. I belong to a Tiny House People Facebook group and there seems to be some who follow the “ask permission” route and others who “seek forgiveness” after the fact. I would love to hear about your adventures in finding places for your tiny home and what you’ve learned along the way about that in Alberta and B.C.

    • Hi Jaime, we’ve found places to park through family, friends and networking. While it might be difficult (but not impossible!) to find a place in the city, you might find a perfect spot right outside that still works for your situation and needs.

  5. First off, it’s great to see people following through with this type of living situation! And as someone from Alberta, it is always inspiring to hear stories from other current/past residents of Alberta who have chosen a different path. It is my plan to build a tiny home for myself in the coming years, but haven’t quite decided on the logistics of everything. Mainly I’m stuck on the idea of whether to build mobile or not. Have you guys found any particular challenges or flaws with building on a trailer at all?

    I lived out on the island for a couple of years and now I’m kind of missing it again! Enjoy the beauty of the West Coast


    • Hi Brady, a big pro of being on a trailer is we can pick up and move to new places but still have our home. With building on a trailer, you’re restricted to the length and width of it, which doesn’t make it super flexible. But overall we haven’t had any misgivings about building on a trailer!

  6. Hi there, I am thinking about moving to Vancouver Island and taking up the tiny house lifestyle. Any leads on places to live around Victoria? Thanks!

  7. Hi Kyle and Jessica. I love your tiny house. I was wondering about your Mini Franklin Gas Stove. Was it sufficient to keep your house nice and toasty throughout one of our Alberta winters? Also, did you have to pay duties and import charges for the stove? I’m just wondering if it would be cost effective with our dollar being what it is right now. I live outside Sherwood Park, AB and I’m thinking of building a tiny house and I’m looking at heating options. Any information you could provide would be appreciated.

  8. Hello! I am just beginning my research into a tiny house as an option when I move back to Alberta later this year. I too, like Brady above, am trying to figure out the logistics of whether to put it on wheels. I wondered about your experience when you had to move your trailer – how did you handle everything inside the house? Is there anything you would re-consider doing now that you have moved a few times? Many thanks!

  9. Hey there,
    I’m writing an article about off grid “must have” items. I would like to credit a blog from each province or territory to get people connected. I looked over your blog and think it’s really neat.
    If you are interested in being the BC feature, would you be able to send me your top 2-3 items that you can’t live without? They can be big or small. For example one of our top items is a fireproof glove that keeps us from burning ourselves when we use the fireplace.
    The article will be posted on livingtinycanada.com.
    Thank you,

  10. Hi Kyle and Jesse!

    My partner and I are about to begin our Tiny House Journey and are wondering how you went about getting licence plates for it? If it was just for the trailer or for the house as a whole.

    Have really enjoyed reading about your journey and I hope you are enjoying your tiny space!


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