Next Adventure: Vancouver Island

That’s right- the tiny house (that used to be on the prairies) is planning on another move! We’ve loved being in the Okanagan for the summer- family, fruit, wine, traveling, the beach, sunshine, more fruit- it’s been wonderful. Although we just arrived here in June, the plan all along has been to move further west to the Island. So the tiny house will be on the road again!

So, we’re looking for a place to host this little beauty in the Victoria, BC area come mid-September. We’re also open to other locations on the Island, if there’s a spot available. We don’t need much: a parking spot, water and electrical connections, and if possible a place to compost our composting toilet stuff. We’re easy-going people and flexible for a variety of arrangements. We’re hoping to be on the Island for at least a year, and possibly even longer.

If you know of anyone/anyone who knows anyone/a farm/an acreage that might be interested in hosting us, please contact us! You can best reach us at

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Our tiny home!

Our tiny home!


11 responses to “Next Adventure: Vancouver Island

  1. I have passed this on to a few friends that live on the island. I hope you guys find a place, what a great way to travel around the country and change your scenery. My husband and myself may just have to borrow the idea one day.
    You will be the first blog that I have ever followed, good luck!

    • Thanks so much Robyn! We appreciate your networking on our behalf. There’s lots more information and inspiration about tiny houses online, so I hope you get the chance sometime to look at some of it. It’s a great adventure!

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  3. The word is out! And all my fingers and toes are crossed for some responses! Would love love love to have you lovely folk join this amazing coastal life. It’s a blessing to be here and would be an even greater on to have you as friends be a part of it. Here’s to hopes, prayers, and good connections. ~Robyn H

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  5. I would love to know who built your tiny home? We are currently looking to build or have one built.

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