The Move

We made it!

After a busy last week of preparing for the move, we finally made it to the Okanagan!

Back in Three Hills, we were a bit nervous about the move as it seemed like we weren’t getting any power to the trailer. After some testing, we found out that it was just a grounding issue and once it moved around a bit on the ball, the lights came on. So we were off a bit later than we hoped for, but were on the road by 9:30am and heading for BC!

As we were heading out of Three Hills, we passed by a truck moving a more conventional house. We were grateful we didn’t have to move that big of a house.

The move was altogether uneventful (thankfully). We got a lot of looks from passerby’s and we caught some people sneaking photos/videos. The truck did well in pulling our house as we managed to stay close to the speed limit the whole way and was only a bit slow on the hills. I’m pretty sure that if we can travel over the Rockies, we can go pretty much anywhere.

It was neat to interact with people at our stops and was encouraging to get points, waves, thumbs ups and smiles from construction workers, passing vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. It was a little nerve wracking heading down the hills and through the tunnels, but our house made it with no damage whatsoever. And for a drive of normally 9-10 hours, it only took us 14 (with a lot of stops…)! We also have a deeper respect for truck drivers (most of them). Maybe we’ll give a more detailed account later on for those considering moving a tiny house.

Overall, we are very happy with the move and are settling in nicely at our new location. It did take us a bit to level the house again once we situated it since we are on a bit of a slope, but once that was done, it took only a few hours to finish setting up.

Here are some photos of the trip and the house in it’s new place.