Raise the roof!

Well it’s been one month today since we bought our trusty trailer and look how far we’ve got!

We’ve got ourselves a roof! (kind of! No metal yet.)

The sheathing and framing of the roof.

House wrap on, sheathing of roof happening.


There was a double rainbow, but you can only see one here…

No pictures of the tar paper though, we didn’t finish before it was dark the night before we left.

We didn’t quite make it as far as we would have liked before we took a break (gone to bc, washington and wisconsin for a bit). The gable ends still need framing as well as the storage shed, but we have a roof over our heads all sheathed and tar papered. And the house is wrapped, so it should be safe from the weather until we get back to put the siding on.

It’s starting to come together! The next stages will be finishing up the outside then moving on in to the inside! Still have to find a way to make our door, maybe the Karlson’s can help us out with that?


2 responses to “Raise the roof!

  1. You people are inspiring!
    Looking forward to seeing you and getting my hands in there.
    Patience and Persistence,

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