We’ve got walls!

Well we’ve made a quite the visible progress lately and haven’t updated the blog. So here you go!

Starting to work on our first wall.

All laid out and ready to go up.

First wall up! Starting to get a feel for the space.

Second wall up (behind the cute couple…)

Second wall!

Part of the third wall and our new workshop. It started to get wet on us, but now we can work in the rain.

Fourth wall is up and the loft is up. Starting to sheath.

Our progress so far! One wall sheathed, three to go, then we’ll start working on the dormers and roof. It’s supposed to rain  a lot this week, so we’ll see what happens. A big thanks to Timo for coming and helping us sheath the wall!

It’s interesting how our perceptions of space has changed throughout the process. When all the walls were framed, the space looked huge. Now that one wall is sheathed, it’s starting to get smaller…! I suppose that is the joy about the building process though. You really get to see and get used to the space as it evolves.

On another note, we also got most of our windows! We picked up a few from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore and the rest we got from Rona. We’re excited about those… hopefully I framed square enough that they will fit!

Now that we have a pretty good idea of the space, we’re trying to figure out what kind of floor and walls to put up. Any suggestions?

– Kyle


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