Spring Time!

Happy Spring from Vancouver Island and our tiny house!

We haven’t updated in quite some time, but we haven’t forgotten our blog. What might you be interested in reading about?



West Coast Adventures!

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, 6:00pm:

“It’s supposed to snow up on the Coquihalla tonight.”

Great, we’re planning on moving early tomorrow morning… “What about the Hope-Princeton?”

“Hard to say, 50/50 chance.”

Hmmm. Don’t want our trip to end up like this:


“Well, let’s check the weather in the morning…”

We set our alarm clocks to 3am and crawled into bed with a nervousness lingering in our stomachs.

“I think I slept. How’d you sleep?”


“Yeah, let’s check the weather.”

“Looks like snow up on the Coq… but Hope-Princeton looks free!”

Hope-Princeton it was, the name not inspiring as much confidence as I would have preferred.

Thus was our state of being as we prepared to move our ‘tiny’ house to Vancouver Island. Though by comparison to ‘normal’ houses, our house is truly miniscule. However, that comparison doesn’t really come into my head when we’re moving. During those times, our house seems gigantic.

“Hopefully they let us on the ferry!”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. We’ll cross that bridge, or sea I suppose, when we get there.”


“How tall is that?” asked the ticket lady.

“4.1 meters exactly.” I responded, trying to sound nonchalant. They probably see things like these all the time…

“In feet?”

“Oh,” I say surprised, being as it that we’re in Canada, “13 and a half feet.”

“Alright, that’ll be $221.”

BC Ferries got rid of their over-height charges a few years ago, but they still charge length per foot beyond 20′. We were 43.5′ with the truck. I’m glad we didn’t get a longer trailer.

“Whoa there! How tall is that?” shouted the concerned looking boarding lady just before we embark.

“She’s not going to let us on!” I think to myself. “It’s 13 and a half feet!” I respond, making sure to translate to imperial this time.

“Ok, carry on!”


On the ferry, we sneak into the house and eat a hurried packed lunch. Not hurried because we were in a rush, it takes an hour and a half to get from Tswassen to Swartz Bay after all, but hurried because of all the adrenaline rushing through our blood.


“You sure we’ve got  room up there?” I yell, trying to be heard over the roaring of the diesel engine.

“Just keep to the left! Now right! Okay, stop!”

We may have taken down some branches, almost got stuck in a hay field, backed our house over some blackberry bushes, gotten drenched by the rain and lost our voices trying to compete with the truck… but we were here! Home sweet home. A good introduction to the landlords I’m sure.

“I’m really sorry about those branches… and the field…” I say sheepishly. Luckily our new landlords are quite amiable and forgiving.


So here we are! We made it without incident (until we got to the property that is) and are now settled in. We’re big fans of Victoria so far!

Thank you for all those who helped us find a place out here, we were overwhelmed at the amount of emails we got suggesting friends, former landlords, and family who live out here. Much appreciated!

And, of course, a huge thanks to my dad for helping us move yet again! I feel like we need to give your truck a name after all the adventures we’ve been on.

Here are some pictures of the trip, for those of you visually inclined:


We left the rainy Okanagan for the sunny West Coast!


“It’s snowing!” Jesse snapped a picture before focusing on driving…


Close to Hope


In line for the ferry.


In the belly of the beast


New spot!


Same house, new location!

– Kyle

Scout Trip

Just a quick update about our move scenario! We are going to head to Vancouver Island Wednesday of next week sans tiny house to scout out a few location possibilities. Then, provided we come up with a good fit, will move our little beast over come mid-September. Wish us luck! 

p.s. If anybody has any last minute possibilities, let us know and maybe we can check it out while we’re out there! Thanks!

– Kyle

Next Adventure: Vancouver Island

That’s right- the tiny house (that used to be on the prairies) is planning on another move! We’ve loved being in the Okanagan for the summer- family, fruit, wine, traveling, the beach, sunshine, more fruit- it’s been wonderful. Although we just arrived here in June, the plan all along has been to move further west to the Island. So the tiny house will be on the road again!

So, we’re looking for a place to host this little beauty in the Victoria, BC area come mid-September. We’re also open to other locations on the Island, if there’s a spot available. We don’t need much: a parking spot, water and electrical connections, and if possible a place to compost our composting toilet stuff. We’re easy-going people and flexible for a variety of arrangements. We’re hoping to be on the Island for at least a year, and possibly even longer.

If you know of anyone/anyone who knows anyone/a farm/an acreage that might be interested in hosting us, please contact us! You can best reach us at kyleandjessicajang@gmail.com.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Our tiny home!

Our tiny home!

The Move

We made it!

After a busy last week of preparing for the move, we finally made it to the Okanagan!

Back in Three Hills, we were a bit nervous about the move as it seemed like we weren’t getting any power to the trailer. After some testing, we found out that it was just a grounding issue and once it moved around a bit on the ball, the lights came on. So we were off a bit later than we hoped for, but were on the road by 9:30am and heading for BC!

As we were heading out of Three Hills, we passed by a truck moving a more conventional house. We were grateful we didn’t have to move that big of a house.

The move was altogether uneventful (thankfully). We got a lot of looks from passerby’s and we caught some people sneaking photos/videos. The truck did well in pulling our house as we managed to stay close to the speed limit the whole way and was only a bit slow on the hills. I’m pretty sure that if we can travel over the Rockies, we can go pretty much anywhere.

It was neat to interact with people at our stops and was encouraging to get points, waves, thumbs ups and smiles from construction workers, passing vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. It was a little nerve wracking heading down the hills and through the tunnels, but our house made it with no damage whatsoever. And for a drive of normally 9-10 hours, it only took us 14 (with a lot of stops…)! We also have a deeper respect for truck drivers (most of them). Maybe we’ll give a more detailed account later on for those considering moving a tiny house.

Overall, we are very happy with the move and are settling in nicely at our new location. It did take us a bit to level the house again once we situated it since we are on a bit of a slope, but once that was done, it took only a few hours to finish setting up.

Here are some photos of the trip and the house in it’s new place.

Home Again & Happenings

We’re back and home again in our tiny little home. And more or less, settled back in after being gone for a couple of months in Central America for work. So yes, we do still live in our tiny home, for those who might be wondering about the curious silence for the last while- not that we update all that often!

It’s good to be back home again. For the first time upon returning from abroad, we have our own home to return to. An unique home for sure, but it’s ours! It’s a bit of a wondrous thing, to look around around our home and reflect “we made this?! we love it!” So, we’re still loving it, still learning, still improving. We’re excited for coming warm weather and opening the windows and eating picnics outside.

Since returning, we’ve worked on a few more of the finishing details. (well, let’s call them finishing details anyway…) We’ve added a shoe storage area behind the door along with coat hangers, closet doors (to prevent our shedding kitties from shedding all over our clothes!), loft shelving/night tables, cabinet shelves (doors yet to come) and a bookshelf for our favorite remaining books. These all have dramatically improved some of the day-to-day annoyances of living in a small space where items do really need a place to call their own. Now that spring weather is showing up (for atleast a week), we’re looking forward to finishing off some of the exterior work that didn’t quite get done during last summer. And, maybe get a functioning sink and shower?

Spring cleaning has also hit-  as we clean the house and make improvements, I keep finding more and more “stuff” that isn’t necessary, isn’t fitting well, we just don’t need.  I’ve found that since beginning of the process of say goodbye to stuff and simplifying, it gets easier and easier. (although, I still haven’t gotten rid of my dead strawberry plant… sigh) And, I’ve learned, just because something fits physically, doesn’t mean it should stay and take up unnecessary space. So, simplifying is still very much in progress!

But, some future updates: while we’ve been living in Alberta for the past while, we’ll be moving on to BC this summer. The plan (hopefully) is to stop in the Okanagan for the summer, and then move on towards Vancouver Island. It’s a good time for change in our lives, and since moving into this tiny space, we’ve had more and more opportunity to reflect on a simple and intentional lifestyle, and what that might mean practically. What are our values and priorities for life? How do we want to go about pursuing those? Financially, how will we make ends meet? Where will we seek community? (and our parents ask: what about children?) So the next year will be spent reflecting on these questions a bit more, and see where life and opportunities take us. And the tiny house too, of course.

Before we leave Alberta, we’re planning on having an open house on May 4th, 2013, (weather depending) for any who might be interested. If you’re interested, send an email our way at kyleandjessicajang@gmail.com for more details.

I’ll try to get another post up soon on some more day-to-day events in the tiny house. In most ways, it’s not that different, but who knows, maybe someone will find it interesting or useful!

Wishing everyone warm spring days!

P.S. We’re on the look-out for places to park our tiny house in the Okanagan or the Island in the next few months… if there’s any tips, we’re interested!